Thursday, December 20, 2012

Because something must be done

Senator Boxer wants to put the National Guard in schools. How about spending less money on guardsmen deployments and instead allowing teachers who wish to carry a weapon to do so? If you simply must put a governmental approval on it, make available a (paid for by the state or federal government) training class and require them to pass the police qualifier on the weapon(s) they wish to carry, again, at the state’s cost. In exchange for this initial (low) cost, the school gets an additional armed security person at no additional cost

I’m going to take some flak for this, but I think teachers who wish to be armed at school probably ought to have a certain amount of weapon-retention training and demonstrate the ability to hit the lean side of a barn four times out of five (the police qualifiers in most jurisdictions being about that difficult), in addition to having the Four Rules engraved in their muscle memory. The reasons should be obvious.


  1. Argent, volunteer armed teachers-- you think the teacher's unions will hold still for it??

  2. No idea what the teacher's union would think.

  3. [Bad word] the teachers' union. I'm a parent and (formerly) a bus driver, plus a taxpayer in this district, and it annoys me greatly to have to go naked if I plan to go into the building, because there are people out there that do evil things like this. I want to carry too, and not put my safety in the hands of even a trained teacher.


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