Thursday, October 18, 2012

Home Ownership is more fun than a barrel of monkeys on nitrous oxide

This week has been a hat trick of home maintenance: Plumbing issues, electrical work, and a potentially worrisome issue with a badly-installed hot water heater with a Heath Robinson exhaust and a mild case of Galvanick Corruption. On the bright side I have a new drain for the tub including u-joint and overflow, double the power supply and almost triple the separate circuits, and a plastic cap whose extraction cost was likely more than that cap's weight in gold, helpfully left by the previous owner in the aforementioned plumbing for us to discover.

The rule of thumb of 1% of the current value of the house placed each year in a maintenance fund appears to have been a wise one. That's not the "improvement" fund, that's the "maintenance" fund. Improvements come out of the discretionary budget, though upgrades are allowed when maintaining, and the french drain and sump was rated "maintenance" not  "improvement."

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