Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hearing, safely

One of the things I'm a bit more careful of these days is my hearing. While I suppose I don't technically need hearing protection when I'm mowing my lawn, as I use an electric mower - the loudest thing on it is the blade, I have started to wear ear protectors when using it. After all, hearing never recovers from loss.

Anyway, I started using my electric ears when mowing, mainly because they have a line-in jack, so I can run some tunes out of my phone to listen to. But I also realized that by doing so I'm keeping up a little better situational awareness. These are decent ears, they don't cut out entirely when the nose crosses the threshold, but merely cut the top off the amplitude. So I can still hear the neighborhood noises, at least some of what comes in over the mower noise.

Yes, I wear my shooting glasses too, but I was wearing eye protection to run lawnmowers well before I got into shooting. I have excellent eyesight, and it'd be a shame to lose that to a preventable incident.

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