Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One more for the road

Via Fred Thompson: "Obama on hot mic: "after my election, I have more flexibility." And you thought "I'm from the government & I'm here to help" was scary #tcot"

Do you need a better excuse for anyone but Obama in the general election? (Not the primaries, the general.) That's straight-up scary, folks. He's admitting that he will no longer heed the people after the election.

Monday, March 26, 2012

For the children

Coalition to Stop Bucket Deaths | Shall Not Be Questioned
It's stuff like the above that really bugs me when I hear the pediatrician ask me (again) about firearms in the house. Firearms are self-evidently dangerous when made ready, and can be stored quite safely by making them unready. Buckets,  knives, household cleaners, all of these are common in the home, and kill far more children than firearms; yet my pediatrician hasn't said a word about any of them. Not yet a mention of pools, even.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I don’t want interesting guns | Gun Nuts Media
A comment to which is today's quote of the day:
" Wow, a gun purchase driven by SEO? Nifty."

Monday, March 5, 2012

Security lesson

Late to the party, but I just read View From The Porch: Ground control to Officer HAL...
To all y'all worried about pointing their peepers at your backyard shenanigans via Robby the Robot or David the Drone, quit depending on security by obscurity. That horse left the barn with the first bear in the air, and arguably after those bicycle salesmen floated down a North Carolina beach early last century.
What is worrisome is the increasing arrogant disregard for the 4th amendment, not the specifics of the manifestation of that disregard. Worry about the watchers, not the tools/technology. Peepers going to peep regardless of how, and this particular genie is way too far put of the bottle. For which the EFF and others are right to question and challenge the uses to which the drones will be put, but there will be drones in the hands of .gov, just as there are pistols in the hoslters of the cops. We question the misuse of the guns, not the presence of them.