Monday, February 27, 2012

A question of safety

One of the things that happens when you have a kid is visits to the pediatrician; and it seems they’re asking parents about whether there’s firearms in the house. This is being pushed as a safety measure, a chance for the pediatrician to discuss “’firearms safety” with new parents. My question is, why specifically firearms? Firearms are fairly safe, after all. Much safer than, say, kitchen knives; since those cannot be unloaded, can cause serious harm or death simply by being grasped incautiously, and they’re far more commonly ignored as a safety hazard.  Or pools which kill FAR  more children every year than do firearms, but wasn’t mentioned by our pediatrician at all.

In fact, my Buckyball magnetic ball bearing toy is much more dangerous to my child than my firearm right now, since he hasn’t the strength to pull the trigger, but is about to explore the world by mouth, and swallowing a pair of small, powerful, magnets is painful and potentially deadly. Eventually, he will get stronger, and I’ll have to teach him the 4 Rules. Furthermore, it’s a quite serious felony in NJ to allow unsupervised access to a firearm for a young child; just to reinforce how stupid an idea that it. (Not that I necessarily agree with the law, plenty of good ideas don’t need to be enshrined in law.)

Somehow I don’t think the safety advise I’m going to get from the pediatrician is going to be “obey the 4 Rules and teach them to your kid,” though. Not when he says “and of course you don’t have firearms.”


  1. So, I first ran into this about 10 years ago with my personal doctor (I've since changed physicians, partially because of this crap).

    Do what I did; ask him what formal training he's had in firearms safety, and what training he's had on legal interpretation of firearms laws. When he responds none (which he will), ask what his liability insurance would have to say about him giving legal and safety advice about something for which he's had no training, and is clearly unqualified to do.

    If you're really offended by this AMA anti gun bullshit, you might even be so inclined to tell him to go fuck himself, and tell the AMA that they can take their anti firearm bullshit and stuff it so far up their asses that a proctologist will need the assistance of a dentist to get it back out.

    They hate it when you don't act like a sheep.

  2. It's times like this that I'm glad I don't have young children (or any kids). I still remember discussing rifles with my old family practitioner when I was a teen. I seem to remember he was a Winchester 70 man.

  3. I will admit to chickening out and saying "no." There's no real good in the other answer.

  4. One habitue' of said that when he is asked if he has "a" gun at home, he truthfully answers no. He has more than one.
    It is true; the more legalistic and meddlesome the totalitarian state becomes, the more it turns its citizens into children and barracks lawyers, parsing one's words on microscopic distinctions.


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