Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A thought

The profoundly unconstitutional firearms possession laws of New York City have ensnared two members of groups well-thought-of by the public and the media: young, pretty, white females (bonus points for being a nursing student), and young, recent veterans of the armed services. These are the people who these laws are supposed to protect, not destroy, at least in the public perception. They both attempted to follow the posted signs when approaching what might be considered "sensitive places."
Which makes this a very quixotic effort of the part of the Powers That Be too enforce the laws. If Mayor Bloomberg really wanted to preserve New York City's laws, he wouldn't have made a very public stink about Meredith Graves being a criminal (the "probably arrested for cocaine" press conference well after the tests should have come back as headache powder.) Instead, he should have directed the prosecutors to put a scare into them, and send them on their way. But he's apparently more interested in grandstanding that preserving the laws. Which is a constant theme with the legal defenders of the restrictive firearms laws. Going all the way back to Heller, DC probably shouldn't have appealed their loss to the Supreme Court, to avoid setting the national precedent. This doesn't appear to be unusual among anti-rights crusaders; that their egos or personal issues are more important thant their causeless and much more important than anyone else's rights to self-defense or to keep and bear arms.

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