Thursday, January 12, 2012

In which I neither bury Romney nor praise him

Been seeing a lot of stuff in my twitter feed and my RSS feed about how people want to “send a message” to the Republican Party, or that Romney is “just like Obama” or some other such nonsense to justify staying home on the second first Tuesday in November, 2012.
What are you all, out of your minds?!?!
You want to send a message to the GOP PTB? That’s what the primaries are for. That’s where you make your feelings known about the potential GOP candidates. Hell, I voted for Fred Thompson last time around in the primaries, despite it being clear by the point that he was not going to make it. But once the general election comes around, you compare who survived to who’s on the other side. And I tell you, from where I sit, there’s no comparison.
Yes, Mitt Romney signed into law an Assault Weapons Ban, and MassCare, and probably is a corporate stooge, and all that. He’s a squishy New England centrist-if-we’re-lucky probable RINO. Versus a hard-line Ivory Tower Intellectual Marxist whose politics are those of Chicago? Yeah, that choice sucks. So do a lot of things. So does having a president who is no longer beholden to the voters, but to the kingmakers of world politics who can accept him or snub him after he leaves the White House; beholden to the union stooges who helped put him in the White House. So does allowing the architects of the Solyndra deal, of the Lightsquared deal, of the Chrysler and GM bailouts to stay in power. So does allowing the President to continue to make speeches demonizing profits, to make bogus “recess” appointments, to invite celebrities over and then hide the guest list.
All the things Romney is bad on? He’s got to get a bill from Congress on. You think the next 2 Congresses are going to pass another AWB? Another PPACA? We had close to a veto-overriding majority for HR822 in the House; we likely will have one in the Senate next session. The movement is to veto or scale back PPACA, not extend it. Let’s put it this way – he can’t be any WORSE on these things than President Obama; and there are a few things he’s at least marginally better on.
Oh, yeah, one more thing, for those of you who care. Y’all stay home on the 6th of November, 2012 (or vote for Mickey Mouse, or whoever else other than the official Republican candidate), and you allow President Obama a chance to appoint at least one more supreme court judge; this one likely replacing one of the Heller 5. You leave in place the man who appointed the masterminds behind Fast and Furious. Regardless of whether he knew about it (and I tend to think not), his chosen lieutenants and their chosen underlings ran that “operation.” So I hope you’ve got your letters of apology to the widow of Brian Terry, for passing on your chance to fire the men responsible for that “under the radar” operation.
Enjoy your righteous certitude that you’d rather have 4 more years of the man who makes President Carter look good. You want term limits? Then implement them. You have the chance in 300 days to term-limit President Obama, a chance that will only happen once. Make the most of it.


  1. I'm with you. By the time the Ohio Primary rolls around, my choices will be winnowed down anyway. And come November, well, I've lived through the Perot Days and the Nader Days. Clinton may still have won, but it would have been a lot closer. And if one million Tree Huggers hadn't voted for Nader, Al Gore would have been President. Anyone think the Green Party people would have voted for Bush the Younger? Yeah, I'll probably have to hold my nose, but at least if Barry wins, it won't be because of my Vote.

  2. Sorry, but Romney is so close to Obama as to not matter. Plus, since he has an "R" next to his name, Congress will rubber stamp whatever Obama-like crap he proposes. That's assuming he had any chance to beat Obama, which I don't believe he does. But then, the Republican PTB would rather lose to the Democrats than have anyone that really wants to reduce government win.

  3. Why shouldn’t they stay home on the second Tuesday in November?

    That’s not election day.

  4. @Jayson: Correction made.

    @anonymous: I'm not worried about Congress rubberstamping whatever Romney proposes - The current Republican Congress doesn't seem to be that bad. I'm worried about what the Executive Agencies with heads appointed by Obama will try and get away with under a second-term Obama administration. We kicked out the Democratic House (and as much of the Democratic Senate as was possible) that Obama enabled.

    The goal here isn't really about which party is in power so much as trying a different politician until they get the point.

  5. If I could kick the incumbents into the engine intake a la Firefly, the next politician would (a la Firefly) without question get the message. But we are still (thankfully) a nation of laws rather than of thugs, so we have to keep electing new ones and occasionally like Gray Davis, recall them.


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