Saturday, December 10, 2011

Youtube is freedom

Instapundit linked to an interesting /. article about how TSA is “facing death by a thousand cuts.” One of the commenters hit on something else interesting, that has ramifications outside of the airport

As for the TSA what is killing their asses is the YouTube. Being giant douchebags really isn't easy when everyone and their dog and their dog's squeaky toy have a camera in their phone, and its kinda hard for a congress critter to stand up for the TSA when all of their constituents have been passing around links to the latest TSA goon attack, like the screaming 3 year old or the 96 year old they went after for having a soggy nappy.

It’s been said that the US lost the war in Viet Nam in the living rooms of the US. 40 years ago it took major time, effort, and money to bring graphic images into the lives of ordinary americans. Today, all it takes is a cheap video camera and a Youtube account. And the trite wisdom of two of my favorite movies comes into play: “You can’t stop the signal,” and “The more you tighten your grip, the more [people] will slip through your fingers.”

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