Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tech toys

The big brown truck of happiness brought me my latest gadget toy today, the keyboard dock for my ASUS Transformer. This allows the tablet to be converted to an Android-powered netbook, adding 2 USB ports, a full-size SD card slot in addition to the tablet’s micro-SD slot, and roughly doubling the battery capacity while attached. The hinge mount allows the combination to clamshell closed, an when open functions as an ergonomic wedge to angle the keyboard slightly when it is on a desk or tabletop.

The main negatives are a sub-size (they claim 90-odd percent) keyboard making tying cramped, and a very sensitive touchpad pointing device. Since the keyboard is still better than an on-screen kb and the touchpad has a hard key to quickly disable and re-enable, I can live with this.

The best part is that Amazon had it for 2/3 of list for Black Friday, and I have Amazon Prime.

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