Friday, October 7, 2011

Self Defense

Saw the following tweet from an EMT helping out at the Occupy Boston protests: "If you're bringing medical supply donations, #OccupyBoston thanks you and we could really use glucose gel/tablets and diabetic supplies."

Really? You want donations of maintenance medical supplies and other supplies that are primarily needed if someone doesn't take care of themselves? At a planned event? Really?

I am not going to blame the victims of diabetes for being diabetic, that's not my place. I <i>am</i> going to blame anyone who is diabetic for going to one of these events without taking appropriate precautions. Why should anyone listen to the demands of someone who can't organize their own life to protect against the ravages of a known threat that has well-known defensive measures?

(If the request for supplies is primarily to be able to minister to the commuters who are unexpectedly unable to get home in time for dinner because the protestors have snarled traffic, and I withdraw my complaints, but I doubt that's the case.)

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