Saturday, September 3, 2011

Rocks and Bows–followup

This story has a few more details – including that the occupants of the car were likewise teenagers. (Who left the scene and are being sought by police.)
Poking at various instances of the original AP story, most of the comments seem to agree the rock-thrower at least had it coming and generally that the thrower was lucky he wasn’t dead in a justified self-defense incident… There does seem to be a certain strain of “he’s just a child,” though. Look, the thrower was 16 and committing assault, probably assault with a deadly weapon, in his late teenage years. 16 is considered old enough (most places) to have the judgment to safely control a deadly weapon (to wit, a car) under most circumstances. He’s not “just a kid.”
(More info here – but apparently their ‘bots got tangled up with a carj-acking story – as far as I can tell the two events are not related)

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