Thursday, September 22, 2011

A knife is a tool

Since all the Cool Kids are doing it, I've posted a pic of the chunk of steel that rides in my pocket at all times. Not shown, the ballistic nylon pouch containing a vast selection of screwdriver bits to slot in.
Also, not shown, the pair of flashlights that came in the package I got, one of which survived a trip through the washer and drier. (The Monarch 300, a single-AAA-powered LED flashlight with the activation control on the butt cap.)

 The black tube behind the bottle opener is a capacitive stylus used to prop the thing up for Cecil B DeMille.


  1. Another shy person. Afraid to show a little blade?


  2. Coy, not shy. A knife has to keep SOME things hidden to pique the curiosity.

    That and the blade's just not all that interesting, beyond the weight-reduction holes visible.

  3. Does that model have a pocket clip? I once considered replacing my lockback/SAK/multitool battery with one of these minimalist Leathermans, but never got around to trying it.

  4. Yes, though I've bent it on all 3 that I've owned. Looks like the thing is held together by #8 or so Torx screws, but I don't have my laptop repair kit handy to check. The clip bends back easily enough even without removal, via a set of pliers.


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