Thursday, September 22, 2011

Freedom and enemies

I use a term here, "enemies of freedom," often fairly perjoratively. Because I am a self-professed conservative, and tend to blog towards conservative issues when I am not blogging firearm issues, I might appear to be using this as a synonym for liberal.
There are, of course, enemies of freedom within the conservative movement. Having heard him speak, I am forced to include Gov. Huckabee in this grouping. He is a great speaker, and I like some of what he says. But he is a religious man who wishes to impose the dictates of his religion as public policy. As I said on Twitter when he proudly proclaimed he clung to God and Guns, "Sorry, Governor Huckabee, one of the fundamental freedoms of America is that someone can cling to a different God than you."
Likewise, I wouldn't call every self-proclaimed liberal an enemy of freedom. The ACLU is a prime example of an organization that is viewed a "liberal" that is anything but an enemy of freedom.
Finally, when I use the term, I mean to describe the politicians and political organizations that are instigating anti-freedom policies, not the supporters who vote. Nor am I attacking them as people; but target their politics and policies.

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