Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Legacy of a misspent youth

There's a short snippet from the Battle of Yavin music that will, without fail, cause me to check power and shield levels and start looking for inbound TIEs. Every time, even in the car. Thank you X-Wing series and John Williams.


  1. Aah! Blaster power to shields and engines! Pull up! Pull up!

    Bastard smug TIE fighters with their stupid superior speed and maneuverability... I was actually a bigger fan of the TIE Fighter game. Sure, you don't have torpedoes. But that means you don't get ordered to attack the capital ships. ;)

  2. I don't believe there's a single TIE class that can take a quad-shot from an x-wing, however, and I got pretty good at sniping TIEs because you had to when facing the TIE/A flights over the Death Star in the first game.

    Agreed that anti-shipping missions sucked; though I though you would occasionally be sent out as CSP for the gunboats in TIE fighter.


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