Saturday, June 25, 2011

A case where a permit is a ban

Seen on NJ Gun Forums:

Thought I'd post this little story I heard while handing in my permits on Wednesday. The officer said they don't have any more cards and permits to give out! They've contacted the state police to re-order a few times but to no avail. Way to go state police and Bayonne PD!

The “cards” in this case would be the NJ FID (required to purchase long-arms and pistol ammo in-state) and the “permits” would be the NJ Permit to Purchase a Handgun.

If true, there is no way for a resident of Bayonne to legally purchase a handgun, and unless they already had a FID, they cannot purchase a longarm or pistol ammo. Which is a pretty slick deal for the anti-freedom forces. New Jersey is, after all, in a budget crisis. While the FID is a double-sided cardstock card, un-laminated, the Permit to Purchase is a multipart carbon form of at least 3 copies (one goes to the state, one is retained by the seller, and one is retained by the buyer). This can’t be all that cheap for the state to order, relatively speaking. It wouldn't surprise me at all that the supply of forms was run out early by the increase in firearms purchases subsequent to 2008 that is still going on. If they didn’t budget for this (and why should they – in NJ the ability to purchase firearms is a privilege) I can well believe that there are no more available, and that there won’t be until the next fiscal year.

So what are the options for relief for NJ if this is the case? The NJ Court system is stacked against the gun owner ("When dealing in guns, the citizen acts at his peril." – NJ Superior court decision declaring a Marlin Model 60 a banned assault weapon); and NJ Court system has already held that the statutory requirement for issue within a set timeframe is a suggestion more than a reality. But a suit for federal relief would be breaking new ground in 2A jurisprudence, and would be on a generally longer schedule…

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