Monday, May 23, 2011

Ridiculously complicated

But I now have a halfway decent way to blog from Android. See, the Asus Transformer comes with a copy of Splashpad built into the cloud services program. Which I can use to remote to my desktop machine and write a post in Windows Live Writer. Which is amazingly cool.
Now that I have proof of concept, I should figure out how to do it from someplace other than my computer desk chair…

Update: and so I have. While internet access with Splashtop is an iOS- only feaure right now, my desktop has a built-in vpn server and the tablet has a built-in client and my router supports a dynamic dns service. The lash-up requires the use of my phone's connection-sharing capability; and I suspect that 3G will be a tad slow. But ... it lives!


  1. That is ENTIRELY too complicated just to be able to blog from the bedroom...

  2. Posting from the bedroom doesn't require VPN


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