Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ranging Shots

Made it out to Union County Pistol Range today. Shot off 170 rounds of 9x19 from the Glock and approximately 75 rounds of .22lr from the Marlin. Called it a day when I started doing worse at 10 yds than I had been doing at 20.

First thing I noticed when I got home was that I had an empty case in my shirt pocket. The Glock throws brass with wild abandon all over the place, including my forehead and upper chest (I always wear a hat for this reason.) Good thing I wasn't passing through Massachusetts later, eh?

Of the roughly 15 or so targets I shot, you get to see 3. None of them are from the Marlin, whose iron sights I am completely unable to use with any degree of accuracy, though I do get a fair amount of precision. Some kind of optic is on my wishlist for that gun.

All were shot at 20 yards.

The first one was my warmup at 20 yards.

the second, I had about dialed it in.

The third I ascribe partially to luck - though I also shorted the magazine by one round. Nonetheless, there are at least 4 rounds through the ragged hole in the center, and likely a fifth unless I completely missed the target with one round. Now I just have to be able to do that consistently.


  1. Kind of bare bones. But the Union County Sheriff's Officer who "owns" it is a good sort and a recreational shooter. The RO when I was there was tight but fair.

    The berm is nominally 25 yds away, but the 25 yd line is a couple yards from the front of the booths, and the booths are another yard deep. Starting this year they are providing target hangers if you don't have.

    However, a range card is necessary, and the class is currently "by appointment only" and you have to go to Elizabeth to get your picture taken after the course.

    If you want to try it out, I can guest you in for up to two sessions.


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