Friday, March 25, 2011

A partial list of apps I’ve got on the TDR-4G

I've finally gotten my “own” Android (as opposed to a work-issued one) and have been loading it up with apps :) In the spirit of sharing, I've decided to share some of the apps and other stuff I have loaded. Links go to Android Market where appropriate. Since it's long, I put in a break. The list is below the fold

 “System” applications:

  • ASTRO File Manager - Astro is a highly useful file manager. While I understand why Google didn’t include one, I’m glad that Google didn’t make it hard to implement one, either.
  • Dolphin Browser HD – a “replacement” browser. I quote that since it uses the built-in browser engine and wraps a much more useful User Experience around that. More plug-ins than you can shake a stick at – I list a few of the ones I use below, there are plenty more 
  • Beautiful Widgets – I have the SenseUI, so theoretically I have 90% of the functionality of the main widget via the Sense Clock. That 10% I was missing made this worth it to me - €1.99 (about $2.81 as of the time of publication – I think the Euro was lower against the dollar when I bought, though)
  • My Backup/My Backup Pro – non-root-required backup. My favorite feature? The fact that it backs up my home screen! My dislike? That it requires approval of every program you are restoring (because it counts as sideloading)
  • OS Monitor – peer into the internals
  • DNS Lookup – another one that does what it says on the tin
  • Swype – I use this keyboard as my primary method of text entry. Beta is now open
  • Tasker – Powerful scripting system. I have only scratched the surface of the possibilities
  • Bump – Bump phones to transfer small items. Cross-compatible with the iPhone version
  • SysMonitor – Another way to look at the status of your system
  • Gauge Battery Widget – Another Battery widget
  • DropBox – easy file transfer. Sign up through this link and we both get extra space
  • Awesome Drop (File Sync) – for when you don’t want to log in, or don’t have an account
  • Lookout – Security software. I do not use the backup function. While I have the security bits enabled, I don’t know how well they work. I have used the device location function to cause a device to sound off so I could find it.

Navigation and GPS Applications

  • Google Maps – Overall still the best nav program I’ve run across (if you don’t mind having to have a data connection)
    • Street View on Google Maps  - One of the more interesting things about this add-on is that you can put it into a mode where you can look around and the phone shows you what you’d see in that direction if you were standing where the pegman was standing.
  • MapQuest – more free navigation. Included because of the OpenStreetMap support
  • Ulysse Gizmo – Compass, GPS tools, and more
  • GPS Status & Toolbox – another compass and GPS program. Not as polished as Ulysse Gizmo, but will download GPS assistance data, to reduce your cold-start times
  • Copilot Live – I “inherited” a license for this as I had purchased it for Windows Mobile and was able to transfer it to the android version via side-loading (though ALK Technologies no longer supports doing so, officially). I haven’t used their “online” features. Primarily useful for keeping maps locally on the SD card.
  • Google Earth – For android
  • Google Sky Map – Wicked cool use of location to show you a maps of the sky in the direction you’re looking.


Fun Stuff

  • Astraware Sudoku – Another carry-over from Windows Mobile. This one I had to re-purchase
  • DroidDice – your basic polyhedral randomizer. No support for non-standard-sided dice
  • Dice Bag – A few more options than above, including Exploding, Drop Lowest, Penetrating, brutal, and Keep
  • Firefly - Serenity Soundboard – play clips from the show and movie at appropriate (or inappropriate) times.
  • Kindle – The Borg of the Books has assimilated Android
  • Google Books – for when I want to go Google
  • KMonster – Requires a DNDInsider subscription, loads monsters from the compendium
  • KSheet – Requires a DNDInsider subscription, allows viewing and use of your .dnd4e format character sheet on a native client
  • Pandora Radio – Pandora on the phone
  • iPlay4e – a website, not an app. Wonderful support tool for playing 4the Edition D&D
  • New Jersey 101.5 – Stream the station to your phone.
  • Angry Birds – It’s a requirement that this game be installed on your mobile. I don’t know why

Productivity/PIM/Social/Media apps

  • Jorte – Still primarily use the built-in calendar, but this has some features the main calendar app doesn’t
  • TrillianContinuous client along with the Desktop and Web versions. Hands down my favorite IM suite.
  • TweetDeck – Twitter, Facebook, Buzz. Foursquare as well, but I don’t use it. Some annoyances, but overall so awesome that this is now the primary way I interact with those services.
  • Yahoo! Messenger – I have this installed alongside Trillian because it has a video chat plug-in to let me use the front-facing camera of the Thunderbolt
  • Google Reader – Google’s own RSS reader. Obviously, syncs with the Google Reader web app.
  • XKcdViewer – A requirement, IMHO. Shows alt text.
  • Wordpress – the app I wish Blogspot had :(
  • Blogger – The app I’m stuck with
  • Evernote – cloud-based notes. Syncs with desktop and web-based apps
  • Facebook – useful for syncing to address book – has a few features TweetDeck doesn’t.


  • – for when you want to look up reviews, compare pricing, or whatever
  • Barcode Scanner – Another one that does what it says on the tin
  • Google Goggles – Visual searching. take a picture, search Google.
  • Amazon App Store – Competition good. Plus, they’re planning to curate their library, which is a real value-add
  • AppBrain App Store – Leverages the Google app store, with additional reviews, additional discoverability, and more. Quickly being overtaken by Google Market as they  add features from appbrain to the mothership. Website here.
  • RealCalc – a much more useful calculator than stock
  • Congress – Congressional info in your pocket.
  • GasBuddy - Find Cheap Gas – crowdsourced gas prices.
  • Key Ring Reward Cards – save your loyalty cards to the phone. Many scanners won’t read the barcode off a screen, but this also offers coupons to users
  • United States Constitution – Always in your pocket.
  • Urbanspoon – find a restaurant
  • UPS Mobile – used for obsessively tracking my latest Amazon order. Wish FedEx had an official app
  • Google Shopper – scan in something and find prices &c.
  • Google Translate – Universal Translator

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