Sunday, March 13, 2011

Interesting move by Governor Christie

Christie nominates N.J. Assemblyman Carroll to be superior court judge. From a 2A point of view, Assemblyman Carrol ritually introduces a very nice Shall-Issue CCW law every so often (A-1384 was the latest I could find) and a bill to make NJ use NICS only for background checks (A-1398 appears to be the most recent one).
Interestingly enough, Assemblyman Carroll beat out then-Prosecutor Christie in the Republican primary of 1995 to win his seat. This was the campaign in which Christie published his “Pro-AWB” flyer that has been used as an argument against Gov. Christie’s pro-2A bonafides. I would say this is a pretty pro-2A move by the Governor.

Edit: Well, that didn't last long: Christie yanks nomination of N.J. assemblyman as Superior Court judge

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