Friday, March 25, 2011

Bleg to the universe

I want a continuous client that will support facebook, twitter, and buzz (at least) on Windows desktop, multibrowser web, Android, and iOs.

Must additionally:

  • Make it easy to do oldest-first viewing from program start (as Tweetdeck Android does)
  • Have full capability in Facebook to like both posts and comments, as well as share content back out to facebook (which tweetdeck android does not, at least not easily).
  • Allow me to see, in one column/timeline, all my incoming feeds

Tweetdeck Android does all of this, except continuous client. The iOs and desktop clients appear to be continuous, but are essentially separate from the Android client in synchronicity and almost appear to be different programs from the android program (and, possibly, the chromedeck program). The ChromeDeck version of TweetDeck appears to be closer to the Android version, but does not appear to sync, and also appears to start at newest (top of column) when started. And it doesn’t have resharing abilities; though at least I can easily go to the relevant facebook page easily.

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