Saturday, February 5, 2011

Documented stupidity

If this article is correct, Camden may have just found a way to ensure they can’t afford to pay the remainder of their police force after the settlement for civil rights violations and employment law violations are done.

The money (quite literally) ‘graphs:

In the federal lawsuit filed last week, Davila claims officers are required to approach random residents and ask for personal information and, in some cases, take photographs of the individual or even run a warrant check without probable cause.

Officers are required to document the encounters and are then evaluated on how many reports they take during a shift, the lawsuit alleges.

Believing the practice to be a violation of citizens' rights, Davila objected to the initiative in a March 2009 roll call after Deputy Chief Michael Lynch allegedly stated "no resident of the City of Camden should be able to come out of their home and not expect to be engaged by a Camden Police Officer," the lawsuit claims.

Davila was subsequently "retaliated against" by being transferred to a different squad and charged with departmental offenses, according to the lawsuit.

The city denies the allegations.

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