Friday, January 14, 2011

Size matters


Via Uncle of SaysUncle, I found this gem in the NYPost.

More officials join Post in pressuring gun makers to drop high capacity clips -

Amidst all the handwaving freakoutery in the article, I noted this pair of sentences below:

Nationally, the private handgun market generates about $800 million in sales a year, according to Rommel Dionisio, a vice president at Wedbush Securities who tracks firearm manufacturers.

By comparison, he estimated law-enforcement sales totaled $80 million to $90 million a year, with Glock, a private Austrian company, commanding about two-thirds of the market.

The article calls for the NYPD to boycott Glock for making so-called “high-capacity” magazines. Given the relative size of the markets, I have to wonder how well that would go over. At least one firearms manufacturer stopped doing business with California law-enforcement organizations when their product was vilified and then banned (Barret, who famously produces several .50 BMG rifles).


  1. Sounds like maybe GLOCK should cease all sales to law enforcement in NY.

  2. BobG cites a concept that I have proposed for years. Any jurisdiction that deprives its citizens of the right to be armed should have all of its agencies deprived of the same. That is to say that if New York City will not allow the lawful carry of arms, then the industry is well organized enough to stop the sale of weapons, ammunition, parts, components, accessories and weapon related products to any agency of the city and any agency, firm, person or organization who attempts to break this boycott.

  3. Well, the LEO marekt being ~10% of the civvie market is not small change - that's probably the difference between profit and loss.

    That having been said, S&W almost went under for cozying up to the gun control shenanigans in the Clinton era


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