Sunday, January 2, 2011

Grown-up toys

Ran across this – The MechTech CCU; an upper that drops onto a Glock or 1911, allowing the owner to convert their pistol to a pistol-caliber carbine.

It’s interesting, since the unit and accessories are not firearms. I’m sort of vaguely interested, since I have a (probably irrational) fascination with pistol-caliber carbines. The problem with this type of kit is that you can end up with something that’s either a Short-Barreled-Rifle or Any Other Weapon (technicalities of federal firearms law kick in) if you’re not careful. Since this is a one-piece assembly, attaching both the barrel and the stock at one go, it would appear to be safer (legally) than a kit that has the barrel and stock as separate parts.

In NJ, of course, I shouldn’t look at any of the adjustable stock options. Owning them would be OK, but if I ever attached it to my Glock frame, I’d be in violation of the Attorney General’s Office’s interpretation of NJ’s Assault Weapon Ban (having a a semi-automatic weapon with a pistol grip, detachable magazine, and an adjustable stock).

All of this goes to show some of the idiocy in both federal and state firearms laws, written by people who didn’t know guns, and don’t take into account modern design and inspiration.

The firearm that I’d like to have for home defense is a short-barrel (12” or so), pistol-caliber semi-auto carbine with collapsible stock and a full-size (18-20 round or so) magazine, with an integral suppressor. Accessories would include a laser and probably a light, and a (folding) vertical forward grip. A compact form factor is essential for a “bedside” gun, but a shoulder stock and forward grip enhance accuracy, as does the laser. The suppressor is to prevent damaging the hearing of myself or anyone else in the house (since they don’t make hearing protection for cats). In some states, I could actually own such a weapon, after an annoying amount of federal paperwork, and paying (I believe) $400. $200 would be because it’s a Short-Barreled-Rifle, and the other $200 would be for the suppressor. That’s on top of the cost of the weapon itself (which, if other carbines I’ve been are any guide, would be around $600-$1000). Absolutely illegal in NJ, of course; where we can't own a SBR or a suppressor. For now, anyway…

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