Sunday, January 9, 2011

For the kid who’s graduated from the Playmobil Security checkpoint toy

Comes Homeland Defense – Nation Security Patrol.

I have to complain about the realism, though – the blurb claims you have to keep your operation within budget…



  • Maintain traffic checkpoints, train tracker dogs and investigate smuggling operations. But are you able to do it all within budget?
  • Use NEW technology to secure America – listening devices, satellite surveillance, remote cameras, helicopter patrols and more!
  • Review your daily briefing to determine which threats pose the most danger.
  • Interrogate detainees to gain information about future plans of smugglers or terrorists seeking to harm America.
  • Set an alert level based on the Homeland Security alert levels. Increase the amount and level of agents patrolling the border at higher risk periods.
  • Reassign agents to new locations and patrol routes and monitor them using the electronic satellite map.
  • Outfit, arm and train your guards with top-of-the-line life-saving security.



I guess it’s a natural expansion of their Prison Tycoon series

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