Monday, January 3, 2011

Do Want

The Keltec KSG 12GA Bullpup, dual-tube magazine, shotgun got a glamour session from Oleg Volk.

I want a new toy – fully aware it would be a toy for me. But, hey, it’s NJ-compliant. Really.


  1. [Snff!] Well I only care for guns with class and refinement. If it isn't made of carbon steel and walnut, it need not apply. The hoi polloi may keep their soulless black plastic firearms; I'll stick with an elegant bespoke side-by side with minimal, tasteful engraving and--

    Who the hell am I kidding? They poured so much awesome into the mold when they made this thing, it's practically irresistible. I'll have to get set up with one of these, a S&W Bodyguard .380, and an FN P90, and start a Shadowrun Action Shooting league.

  2. That was my fist thought as well, that this is a gun that screams "designed in America by Ares Macrotechnology".

  3. I never cared for bullpups much but that is very slick, I'd definitely buy one when they're available. Let's just hope they're not as hard to find as some other Kel-tec guns are.


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