Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Col. Hammer, please contact Base Alpha TOC

It’s no flying car, but the arty system in this video (ad by Samsung, maybe?) is straight out of David Drake’s best. Now all we need is reliable fusion to make the fans spin, and we’ve got the Hogs of How Co, including their ammo haulers.

Couple of other things to note, some amusing, some not so much. First, the infographic @ 0:36 implies the SP guns can each fire a Time-On-Target salvo of 3 shells per tube. Secondly, the many clips of the auto-loader and shell conveyor between the SP Track and the Ammo Track are definitely anime-inspired. Thirdly, note the on-board computer is running some variant of Windows – probably Win2K. And at the end, note the stacks of manuals, specs, &c in hardcopy.


H/T to The Armorer of Argghhh!

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