Saturday, December 11, 2010

Zombie Dreaming

So I woke at about 0630 this morning from the point in the dream where Johnnie Zed and his shambling buddies had just broken into the house I was in with a bunch of people and were milling about violently. It wasn’t my house, or any house I’ve lived in or even really recall having been in (the floor plan was a tad unfamiliar).

Two things struck me as odd after I woke up (aside from having remembered a dream – that’s really unusual for me). First of all, I was aware in the dream of having barricaded this house against zombies before and was wondering why we weren’t reinforcing the locations they had broken in at that time. Secondly, I was ineffectually fending them off with a broken broom handle. Whyfor no firearm, dream self? It wasn’t that I couldn’t get to one; it never occurred to my dreaming self. I demand a better-armed subconscious, Mr. Sandman!

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  1. You missed the third item. When you told me about it, my first question was "Why didn't you start shooting them?" My dream self is VERY well armed these days, better than my real self, unfortunately.


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