Sunday, December 12, 2010

Quote of the Day

“It's a complex game of chess, and attempting to win the game with the queen on the first move would probably end in disaster” – Robb Allen on the next batch of legislation in his home state. RTWT as they say, because his entire comment is relevant.

I bow to no-one in my burning passion to see Constitutional firearms regulation; but it won’t happen today, or this year. If we don’t build the foundation with small steps, we risk having the tables turned when (inevitably) the pendulum swings back. That’s what happened to the enemies of freedom, they built their edifice on the sand of Miller and the Collective Rights Theory; they played the Big Game, and now we’re playing the Small Game. It’s going to take us some time and a lot of effort. Detail work is tedious, but taking pains makes the end result that much better and stronger.


(OK – I have had my metaphor-mixing privileges revoked for the night)

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