Sunday, December 19, 2010

Plus ca change

The last time Scott EVest sold an explicitly “tactical” jacket (a few years back), they only mentioned Law Enforcement as the target market, and made it moderately difficult on their site to find.

Today, they sell their Outback Jacket and the first of the “Key Features” lists ”20 Pockets designed for Concealed Carry, Law Enforcement and more”. Still a little targeted toward the LEO end of things (I need “special features to accomodate sleeve mics”? I think not), but still…

Disclosure: I am a moderately satisfied customer, nothing more, and nothing less. I;m going to be ordering a different jacket/vest (sip-off sleeves) from them later, as a replacement for a hard-worn jacket/vest. This fills the need for a turse for me, as well as increasing the amount of carry-on stuff I can take with me on a plane, etc. Furthermore, when I do need to go through a secure checkpoint (such as at jury duty or into the sterile section of an airport) I can place everything that’ll trip the magentometer into it and glide on through.

I’d like to be able to give my experience using it as a CCW cover garment or a pocket-carry garment, but other than once or twice having placed my (unloaded) G17 into the right-hand main pocket for grins while at home, I can’t. Maybe in a couple years when SCOTUS makes NJ go shall-issue.

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