Saturday, December 25, 2010

Feline driving techniques

Chez Argent has a lot of hardwood flooring and a certain amount of linoleum, not to mention bathroom tiling. So our two cats have had to learn how to maneuver on slick surfaces. Their differing attitudes towards cornering are instructive.

Our older cat, Puck, has spent the majority of his life in a fully-carpeted apartment. When it comes time for him to make a turn on slick surfaces, he slows down, approaches the turn cautiously, and signals his turn well in advance.

The younger one, Nimitz, came to us after we have moved into this house. He’s also just out of the feline equivalent of the teenage years. His technique is much more of a powersliding, oversteering, 4-paw-drifting, attack on the turn without any braking to speak of.

To each their own, I guess. Neither of them can be provoked into doing donuts while chasing the laser pointer, however.


  1. Ours goes claws-out on the carpet - always sounds like she's literally tearing a rug!

    I'm still curious to see what new tricks she'll learn once we get our new DSG puppy...

    P.S. - You wouldn't happen to be a David Weber fan?

  2. Just a small one; I've met him and had an interesting conversation considering the probable (and now out of date - blame Eric Flint) fate of The Salamander, have a couple of signed first printings, a few eARCs, one dead tree ARC, and almost every book he's written...

    Yes, our four-foot is named after the hexapedal one.

    You win a no-prize for catching the reference.


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