Monday, December 27, 2010

Child rearing theory

Every so often, I’ll comment on something related to raising children, such as chores, or supervision (or lack thereof), or introduction to firearms, &c. And the odds are good I’ll get some parent who goes off on me, saying that I can’t possibly know how to raise kids, since I don’t have any of my own.

This usually provokes a headscratch from me (occasionally a headdesk); while it’s true I have not got children, I was one once! A lot of what I have said I’d do in one situation or another, I was the kid in that situation. A bunch else has been informed by the parents with whom I am close friends and or family with – its not like I haven’t (as an adult) been exposed to children I have been in a caretaker situation wiht.


Parenting, it’s not rocket science. Hard work, spread out over a double decade (and more, if you’re lucky), sure. But something everyone but the golems have been through from one end already.

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