Sunday, October 10, 2010

Equality to starve

Confederate Yankee takes down an “attack” on Rush Limbaugh.

Disclosure time – I haven’t listened to Rush in at least 20 years. Don’t plan to start up any time soon. But if you assume that a statement such as the one Rush makes is “racist”, well, that says a lot about your own attitudes. In particular, to assume that statement is racist is to assume that the individual is in all ways a representative of his “race” (an artificial construct).

I suppose that “industriousness” can be a cultural trait, in that the surrounding culture will reward or punish perceived industriousness; but to conflate “culture” and “race” is itself racism – an assumption that outward looks correlate with inward culture.

The most a government should do is set the ground rules – equality of opportunity. Otherwise, you’re headed for the Office of the Handicapper-General.

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