Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Get medieval

The AP reports on an antisocial individual whose property-damaging and reckless endangerment ways were chastised with a cross bow


  1. I saw the story too. My first thought was wondering why the hell the car had a crossbow in it.

    Not that I disapprove, mind you; it's just, ah--statistically unlikely. I guess it's best to hedge your bets and avoid throwing rocks at hunters or rennies.

  2. Yeah, poking renrats is probably about as safe as poking a hornets' nest. We tend to be mild-mannered as a rule (you can't go to a diner in faux-medievals after an event if you are easily offended), but also tend to be disturbingly well-armed, at least as a group. And only some of us leave the peace-bonds on.

    (Though a friend of mine once got a demonstration of why you want your blades peace-bonded when some idiot tried to "take a look" at a belt-knife. In front of faire security...)

  3. I just realized what else bugged me about that article - the yoot was presented as the victim... A thrown rock, particularly at a vehicle, is a deadly weapon, folks.

  4. I don't think I previously knew you were a rennie. Not a huge surprise, mind you. ;)

    There's some weird passive voice in the article. Saying that the stone-throwing-devil "was struck by" a crossbow bolt is an odd circumlocution. That and how easily the matter is dismissed--an apparently unprovoked armed assault repelled with armed force with an unusual weapon leading to the aggressor needing medical attention, and the article says simply "nobody has been arrested", in urban California--gives the whole thing a weird news-from-another-dimension feel.

  5. And they felt the need to note the lack of shirt on the perforated one...


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