Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I no longer have to write the article

On why I didn’t understand the birther fascination with the missing birth certificate.

The White House Blog

President Obama's Long Form Birth Certificate

Can we start focusing on the actual issues instead of playing conlaw munchkin our own selves? All may be fair in love and war, but politics is neither.

If we want reasonable and decent politicians, how about treating them reasonably and decently?


  1. Can I whine that Trump is taking credit for this? I mean, yes, I'll agree his harping on it did cause the release, but is that really an accomplishment you want to hold up as a shining example of what you can achieve as president - being a dick until someone shows you proof you were wrong?

  2. If this was in response to Trump, it was strategically very poor timing on the Obama campaign's part. Trump's "campaign" can claim it as a victory AND refocus on something else.

    Tactially sound, I suppose; but definetly strategically poor.


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